Completely YES!

There is a single word that has the power to change
so many things about the world around us. Our lives, faith, perspective,
direction, and impact; that word is Yes! It is defined as; “it
is so, used to express agreement or to permit.” Yes can change lives, restore
hope, open doors, extend helping hands and create change. Often time, there are
those who walk among us that have had more than their share of the word no in
this life.

In contrast, the Divine and the sacred gives us one of the
most powerful tools that often go under utilized and unnoticed – that tool is
the power of the word yes spoken and enacted. As I looked at this word and
allowed it to continually pass through my being, I wondered what it says in
other languages:

Si – Spanish, Oui – French, Ja – German,
Naam – Swahili, Sim – Portuguese

As I looked at each of
them and listened to the harmony of each as I spoke them aloud,I saw something
in the midst of them all – “I AM”. The very name of the Divine is right there in
the midst of them all. What a blessing it is to be reminded of all of the many
ways that creation says and is YES in our world. Even this week as we celebrate
pride – a movement born out of all things NO on so many levels and yet yields
much more YES for us today and is still making a way for so much more in the
tomorrows that lie ahead of us. We are still People of Promise who engender the
very yes that the Creator was, is and shall eternally be. So this week as we go
about our lives, our celebrations and all of our coming and going; remember that
the yes that is within you can change the world for so many. Allow it to be more
than just an answer to a question. Maybe this week, opportunities to be yes in
the life of someone in someway will present itself. I don’t think that we will
have to look very far or wide to take a chance to be whatever it is that permits
and allows life to be more for someone, anyone… May we pause and give the Divine
thanks, for the chance to say and to see the living and breathing YES before our
eyes in all people of faith. Amen and may it all be so!


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