In Other Words – Just Say It…

There is a quiet message woven into thefabric of my being, “Be Independent”.   Up until recently, I had done a stellar job with this concept.   I awoke a few mornings ago, from a vivid dream that chronicled the high and low points of my life.  That morning was a new beginning for me that I had not spoken of until this moment.  My awakening let me know that in spite of the messages in my life; our existence and often our truth is countercultural.  The very antithesis of what I knew as truth  (be independent) is really be interdependent and connected.   I cannot take the next steps in my life alone.  I will not!  I am who I am because of each of you.  As much as I have tried to be a solitary soul, I am pleased to admit that I have failed miserably .  My truth is a glaring contradiction because every person in my life is a sculptor of sorts whose love, grace and joy chips away at the rough edges in me and knocks away everything that is not supportive of my journey.  Thank you and please keep up that good work!
The fact of this matter is a simple truth; I need you.  I need each of you and all of you.  I always have… I just never spoke it.   Our words have great strength and power, and this day the unsaid no longer has power over me and goes without saying.  We are all connected as a part of a divine plan.  Let’s explore those connections and live out of that power and truth.   There is something in each of us that has the power to benefit all of us; I know this!  Yes, it is in everyone of us…  As your day swings into motion, wake up to your truth and let no good thing go unsaid.  Know this; you are valued, honored, loved, cherished, heard, seen, needed. Yes, you are!  I need you, know who are and thank you for knowing this with me.

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