Oh Shift!!!

Oh shift! Even the slightest of movement is a sign of life. I believe that phenomenal and global shifts in consciousness, economics, life and the like are comprised of everyday shifts. Those everyday shifts are found in the brief moments when something during the day does not go according to our plan, to do list or pattern. Those momentary shifts are life slightly changing direction.

For years of my life, everything was all about me… What I wanted, needed, had to get done and I could go on. Then I heard my soul say, “Oh shift!” This was a warning to me that something was happening and all I needed to do was be ready to Move. I wish that I could tell you that I heeded that warning, but I didn’t. I should have kept listening, because the shift that I experienced, was my life becoming more about others than myself. All of a sudden, I was the last thing on my mind. There was a shift in my soul’s paradigm and the key that was tucked away is that my life became MORE… the moment, I learned the value of the Law of Circulation. By giving I created physical, emotional, financial, professional, personal, artistic and prophetic room to receive. The reality was that everything in my life had to go in order for everything in my life now to manifest. At the time that list of evacuees included my relationship, my home, my job, my dream, my stuff and my very self. There was no level of my life untouched and unshaken by this shifting.

Eventually, I woke up and saw what was happening and heard the cry of my soul not in response to what was happening, but as a gentle soundtrack for the slightest of movements in my life. Today, I know the truth, our value is not found among what we have or struggle to hold onto; it is nurtured, blessed and becomes more by a very simple act; giving. The lesson I learned is that giving is much more gentle process than to be surprised by the grand exodus of all that we hold dear.


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