Real or Make Believe?

On Real or Make Believe: We are not now nor will we ever be the sum total of our experiences, the manifestation of the perceptions of others, nor are we the Aristotelian essence of what some might call a hot mess. These are all ideas that may have been projected upon us like images upon a screen. Even in that scenario, the screen remains intact as the screen (its identity is unchanging and unimpacted by these external projections) and it never becomes nor identifies with the image shown upon it. So beloved, I said all this to simply say that we never become what is thought about us, perceived of our actions, or projected upon us, unless we choose to do so. What others think of us is really none of our business; even in the moments that we are told that they are telling us for our own edification, growth or to help us become better or more. So with that, I invite you today to remain intact or hold it all together as the blessed being that you are right now and have always been. What is projected upon you this or any day is neither true nor is it your truth. Be well my friends and know that you are loved!


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