Where Do Blessings Come From?

Blessed to be a blessing: Where do the blessings in our lives come from? Are they born? Are they delivered and left alone outside of our doorways? Do they spring up from the earth like a tree planted by the still water? Do they simply appear out of everything and nothingness? After pondering this thought individually and in community, we assert that we believe that blessings are many things and everything: we see them born of, forged from within and brought forth into being from blessing itself. In other words, healing comes from the both the brokenhearted and wholehearted. Love comes from the act of loving and the gifts of being loved. Peace is called out of the chaos and from the peace filled. The subtle truth that came to light as we examined this was that we had to look deeply at ourselves first. So as we sat and looked inwardly at our being; what showed up mightily was grace, mercy, hope, prosperity, determination, courage, loss, curiosity, strength, fear, brokenness, shadow, void, glory, loneliness, tears, laughter, worth, lack, disappointment, pain, joy, healing, conscious awareness, acceptance, flow and openness. All this and so much more was reflected back to us soul level. The blessing that we were in search was not simply to know and name the blessing, but to know and be one with its source. This was a blessing indeed, as we know that there is no good thing withheld from any of us at any moment and is revealed in us according to our very own level of receptivity. So we share this with you in the hope that you too will take a risk and look in and around your lives to see and take hold of what is reflected back to you and know its blessing. Know that there is both deep truth and great power in the question and the answer and that the answer is never very far from the question and all too often is contained therein. Blessed be…


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