Now Showing!

When people and or circumstances make a cameo or walk on appearance in the productions of our lives; they are not without purpose or divine intent.  Although I am still a believer in magic and have the full uninhibited use of my imagination, I know that stuff does not just show up because it can.  It shows up because we call it forth into being, we invite it either consciously or subconsciously to manifest, sit down and take a load off or to hang out with us for a while. Nonetheless, there it is and here we are in the presence of yet another lesson on the principles of truth.  In these moments, we have choice to either learn the lesson of the day or to not; and risk repeating the lesson, the grade, the episode, the opportunity and the like until we just simply get it.  Until today, this grand repetition was ok with and for me…Today, I officially declare the sweeps season in my life complete and done.  No more reruns, if I need a quick review; the lessons of my life are available on demand, easy download, online ordering (with free shipping), and etched in the pages and chapters of my story.  Today, with all the love I know I invite you into a new production of the story of you, where the part of you is played by the real you, produced and directed by the whole and blessed you.  My prayer for you in this moment is that every day of your life becomes an elegant and classic premiere rather than an aging and irrelevant rerun.  Now, go forward from this place and live – quiet on the set; action!


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