I Will Celebrate!

Today I awoke with a heavy heart as my thoughts turned to that mama sized space in my life.  All the memories of her came rushing back and flooded my soul with light and love.  There are so many stories and things I wish I could say and I realized that the greatest of these stories would be of all the love and joy that has filled my life.  I am so grateful for the 30 years that I had and all of the everyday, practical wisdom that she poured into me.  There is not a day that goes by that I do not draw from that well of hope that still springs eternal in my heart.  I think that I will do something different this Mother’s Day; instead of lamenting the absence of her from my life; I will celebrate my mother by doing something to honor and celebrate the gift that she still is to me.  She was always so good at allowing things to grow and flourish in her presence; so in gratitude for her sharing that gift with me; I shall enrich this planet by planting some simple and beautiful flowers today.  So, global family how are you celebrating the mothers past and present in your lives today?  I invite you to tell their stories, share sacred tears, pass along their wisdom and above all speak their names.  Essie Smallwood, my mother; your memories and love fall fresh upon me this and every day.  With deep gratitude; your loving daughter, Kathy. 


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