Meant to Be…

Believe This:  You are not here by accident and your presence in the lives of those who love you, is so much more than just a mere matter of fact.  We live in a world where there are signs and messages all around us and it is easy to propelled and fueled by likes, invites, followers, reactions and shares.  While what is really true is that the ultimate like is rooted within own being and the blessing of invitation is only extended from one heart to another.  Even in a great big and crowded world, followers need real leaders; the kind who are willing to wait for you to catch up when you fall behind and who are not too wrapped up in generating their own press to make room for you.  You are not an accident, mishap or mistake.  You are a living expression of a Divine idea and rather than loose one more moment on this spiritual journey looking for that which has never been lost; I choose to allow the light of God in me to be seen and known by that same light in you.  Our work today is to be more present in every moment, to avail ourselves to the growth of others and to just be in all the places that we are and just notice the Divine at work in those who journey with us.  Where you have been, where you are right now and the mystery of the long journey ahead is meant to be just what it is; a living lesson.  This is nothing but the truth.  You matter…



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