Oh Yes You Can!

Believe This:  No one can hold you back when God has called you forward.  No one can separate you from the Love that you have always been.  No matter the title, length of service or even the litany of endorsements that any person may have; there is no one greater, better or more than the Christ that dwells within you.  So, no more asking permission to be all of your amazing God Self, no more playing small or standing in the shadows so that you can stay off of their radar; and just for the record, no longer do you have to be rendered silent by someone else’s fears and insecurities.  After all, letting your light shine does not diminish the light others and no one person has any more power over you than you are willing to give them.  This is nothing but the Truth.  When you find yourself wondering what to do; do you Boo!!!



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