Key to the Kingdom Within

Believe This:  You are ready!  You have been prepared for a moment, a breath and/or an opportunity such as this.  We are all connected, related and kindred; we are family of the grandest sorts.  Being connected means we never travel alone.  Our lives, dreams, work in the world and all that we know of ourselves connect through, of all things; our feelings.  What I feel about the world, it is purely because it is what I feel about myself, because we are one.  The point of our oneness is the great connector of all things to all things. One of my many lessons has been that what is harbored in the heart for another; be it the quiet resentment, the intolerable pain or the relentless grip of fear can only exist between us because it exists within us.  In short, what I think and feel about you; I also think and feel about myself.  What this means is that those feelings exist behind the great wall of unforgiveness.  The only way through, to, over, under or around is forgiveness.  Here’s the thing, forgiveness of self, first and foremost paves the way for the forgives of others. It’s all connected… Love of self is reflected back from within the world.  Peace of mind echoes from within the soul outward beyond our physicality.  The Truth is, when the heart is ready, the soul leads the way.  Here we are, engaged in this uncommon dialogue, this dance of the ages; standing still and propelled forward at the same time.  It’s time; release the fear, step out from behind the doubt and love yourself enough to love others and allow yourself to be loved.  What I want for myself, I must be willing to co-create and allow for others.  This is nothing but the Truth.  Ready, set, grow, love, live and learn.  You are forgiven, as am I. 



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