Believe This:  In our language that is both spoken and lived, there are words and instances that bring us together and further divide us.  Our words, thoughts and deeds are more powerful than we could ever imagine.  With that being true, my heart breaks it’s vow silence today, my soul has shaken off the shackles of fear and my being is free indeed. We are born to be more than conquerors and the very essence of overcoming is an ever present life force raising us to a higher consciousness.  We are the Divine ideas of the One Power and Presence in this universe and there is nothing that can stop us.  There is nothing that has the power to withstand the Truth of our being.  There is nothing, no thing and no one that is greater than the love that called us into being and nothing can separate us from the knowing, the living and the becoming of ALL that we are meant to be.  There is only one power in the universe and in my life and nothing can separate me from this Truth!  No, not even you… You have no power over me.  I am free, I am more, I am light, I am love and the God of my creation is for me, abiding within and watching over me by day and by night.  This is nothing but the Truth.  Ain’t no stopping us now!


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