The Last Word:  When it comes to finding meaning in your lives, I know that there have been countless days, weeks and years that it just could not be figured out.  Perhaps the issue was that you were looking all around the world, or into the eyes of a stranger or lost within the lyrics of a love song.  Then one day, something happened, something shifted within and somewhere between here and there, or in the quiet glances across a crowded room, or even in the rise and fall of the few beats between the chorus and the bridge, you just so happened to catch a quick glimpse of Truth.  Therein, was discovered that the real purpose of life is just to be and to be fully in each and every moment.  Sounds easy enough; as the idea is, that we are not to be consumed with what was nor what is not yet.  Friends, we are to always to lived focused on the journey that is right in front of us and to be present to the destination to which we are arriving right now. 

You know, I have lost far too much time existing within the bounds of the expectations of others, only to realize that the only available outcome of that experience was disappointment. While wondering; what if the only thing that really truly matters is this moment, this breath that is happening right now?  In this now moment, we are neither the fading images of the past or dwellers on the edge of a moment that has not yet come into being; were ourselves are the great coming together of dreams, hopes and visions portrayed in living color in a space that we know as the present moment.  Be here, be known, be you…be now.

Lao Tzu reminds us that: “All being originates in non being”.  “…It is the Spirit that gives life” (JC – New Testament) and all of us emerge from Spirit.  Our purpose is not some new unfolding destination – unknown.  It is fully known to the Soul and the journey that is required is a return to knowing our own individual Truths.  In other words, it is a shift to go back to the moments that we have seen, heard, felt and on some level left behind.  Now is the time to go back, not back to the past, but back to our blessed beginnings.  Go back to nature, back to love, back to peace, back to courage, back to hope, back to compassion, back to wholeness, back to holy and at last, back to this moment where we first saw our light.  The reason we can go back is that we are of Spirit and of Truth and the return is really more of a spring forward than a fall backwards.  The journey of return is fleeting and momentary… There is no traffic jam, no security lines, no tolls and no requirements.  There is only love.  The love that you are and the love that you saw yourself being in that miraculous moment of Truth.  That which you have been searching for, that which you have always been in the process of becoming is found in the last word: “Now”.journey







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